Websites We Consulted for the WDIRP

Can’t find the organization or informational resource you need at our website? Try consulting some of the websites listed below to find more. In addition to the websites listed below, many international deaf and disability organizations have their own lists of deaf organizations. When you visit an organizational website, look for pages called “links,” “resources,” or “member organizations.”

Many More Deaf Organizations

The websites listed under “Many More Deaf Organizations” may have links to deaf organizations not yet incorporated into the World Deaf Information Resource Project (WDIRP). If you have not yet found the organization you want, it may be worth your time exploring these.

Disability Rights Fund (DRF) list of links

Description: This page has a link to a search engine and a list of major international and regional disabled people’s organizations (DPOs); major international human rights organizations; sources for finding more organizations; and various email-based discussion groups on deaf and disability issues in developing countries.

Deaf Child Worldwide Network

Description: Lists more than 1300 non-governmental organizations, schools, clinics, and other types of organizations related to deaf children or deaf adults.

On-line Deaf Web Directory

Description: This directory can lead you to on-line forums, mailing lists, and chat groups for deaf people around the world. Has links to forums and organizations in 40 countries.

World Deaf Directory

Description: Lists a few dozen deaf organizations in North America, South America, Asia, and elsewhere.

Deaf Culture Around the World

Description: Links to organizations of deaf Native American Indians and to deaf organizations in more than 20 countries around the world.

Deaf Organizations in Thailand

Description: The National Association of the Deaf in Thailand offers a list of links to more, local-level deaf organizations in Thailand. This list is available in both English and Thai, but the Thai list is typically more up-to-date.

Dovenwereld BooGO

Description: This website contains extensive listings of links to deaf-related on-line resources around the world.

DanishKadah Hosted Websites

Description: DanishKadah offers free web hosting and web development services to a few, selected deaf and disability organizations in Pakistan and other countries. Its website links to the organizations it supports.

Pakistan Government List of NGOs

Description: The Pakistan government assembled this list of non-governmental organizations in Pakistan, including some deaf-related NGOs. Much of the information in this website may be incomplete or inaccurate.

Disability Organizations in Delhi, India

Description: This website lists disability-related non-governmental organizations in the Delhi region of India. Includes deaf-related organizations.

Deaf Organizations in Colombia

Description: The Federation Nacional de Sordos de Colombia has 25 local-level affiliate associations in Colombia. These are listed at the link above.

Deaf Organizations in Austria and Elsewhere

Description: The website for Österreichische Gehörlosenbund (ÖGLB) in Austria offers links to more deaf organizations in Austria and other countries.

European Federation of Hard of Hearing People

Description: EFHOH has 20 general member organizations throughout Europe. Consult this page for more national-level organizations of hard of hearing people in Europe.

Deaf Links

Description: Links to dozens of deaf and deafblind-related, including organizations of deaf people; organizations for sign language interpreters; websites about various sign languages; news and magazines for deaf people; information about captioning; academic research in deaf studies and sign language linguistics; and more. Many links are in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Some links are in other regions, including the US, Canada, Asia, Latin America, and elsewhere.

Links in Australia

Interested in the Australian deaf community? Many different websites can help you find more organizations and other deaf-related resources in Australia. Here are some you can try:

Info to Go-USA

Clerc Center

Description: The Clerc Center offers an extensive library of links to on-line information related to deaf and hard of hearing children from birth through age 21, with an emphasis on their educational, linguistic, social, and emotional development. They also respond to inquires from families, the general public, deaf and hard of hearing people, and professionals. Most information is targeted at a US audience.

Don’t forget to consult our own extensive listing of Deaf and Disability Organizations and Schools!

Websites We Consulted for the WDIRP

Prior to the launch of the World Deaf Information Resource Project (WDIRP), many older websites already listed many deaf organizations. Consulting these websites has been one of several important means of finding organizations. Most or all organizations listed on the websites linked below should also be included in the WDIRP website. For websites listing organizations not already included in the WDIRP, scroll up the page to consult the links listed under “Many More Deaf Organizations.”

World Federation of the Deaf (List of national member organizations)

Description: WFD acts as a spokes-organization for deaf people around the world. It has more than 130 national-level deaf-run organizations as members. Follow the link to see them listed.

MIUSA Organization Database

Description: This on-line database can help you find local, national, regional, and international disabled people’s organizations (DPOs) around the world. The database is searchable by region, by country, or by disability. It includes both cross-disability and specific-disability organizations.

United Nation Enable’s database of disability organizations

Description: The United Nations “Enable” website provides an extensive list of disability organizations around the world.

We Can Do Blog

Description: This blog site posts announcements, news, resources, and toolkits related to disability, poverty, human rights, and international development in developing countries. Consult its blog roll at the very bottom of the page for links to deaf and disability-oriented organizations and other on-line resources around the world.

In addition to consulting the above websites, International Relations also communicated directly with many organizations and individual volunteers around the world. Some of these sources supplied information about organizations and schools that are probably not listed anywhere else on the web. So please do consult our own list of International Deaf and Disability Organizations and Local Deaf and Disability Organizations and Schools.

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International Relations cares about the quality of our work, including the quality of the information we provide. We are trying our best to share information that is complete, accurate, and helpful to deaf individuals and deaf organizations around the world. However, please understand that we cannot endorse any organization or school. We also cannot fully guarantee the accuracy of the information in this website. Please read our full Disclaimer for more detail.

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