Please help us improve the World Deaf Information Resource Project! This page explains what kind of information we want and how you can submit the information you know.

See Any Mistakes in Our Website?

If we are missing important information, or if an organization’s contact information has changed recently, please submit the correct information to Contact. Please always indicate what country the organization is in and give us the full name of the organization.

What Do We Mean by “Deaf Organizations?”

We are interested in information about deaf organizations at the international, national, and local levels.

  • We are interested in organizations and clubs run by and for signing deaf or deafblind people, AND ALSO organizations run by and for hard of hearing people, late-deafened adults, non-signing deaf people, deaf women, deaf youth, aging deaf people, deaf people in ethnic or religious minority groups, deaf people in rural areas, deaf people living in poverty, deaf people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, deaf people with additional disabilities and deafblind people, and other sub-populations of the deaf and hard of hearing communities in your country.
  • We also welcome information about organizations by and for parents and family of deaf people, teachers of deaf students, sign language interpreters, and other organizations for people closely affiliated with the deaf, hard of hearing, or deafblind communities.
  • Yes, we want information about cross-disability organizations, too (i.e., organizations for people with different types of disabilities). However, cross-disability organizations should be inclusive of deaf people in their membership, leadership, programs, projects, and activities.
  • You can submit your information to Contact

What Other Informational Resources Does International Relations Want?

  • Schools that serve deaf students.
    1. Please clarify which schools are pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, vocational training programs, etc. Yes, we also want parent/infant intervention programs.
    2. Is it a school that serves only deaf students? Or something else? Please clarify.
      Information about the communication approach used at the school is also helpful. For example, are students taught through sign language?
  • Social service agencies that serve deaf people, government ministries that work with deaf organizations, etc.
  • Please advise how people or organizations can obtain reports, data, research, etc., about the living situation of deaf people in your country or region.
    • Has it been published on the web? Please send us the URL link and any other important information about the publication.
    • Is it not available on the web? Please send the full source citation and any instructions for how people can obtain their own copy.
  • You can submit your information to Contact
  • What Kind of Contact Information Does International Relations Want?

    Some people depend on email for most of their communication. But information from this website may be circulated in print among people without Internet access. The more contact information you can include for each school or organization, the better.

    When you submit information about deaf organizations or deaf schools for this website, please include as many of the following details as you can. Please present postal mailing addresses in a format similar to what a person would need to use to address a postal envelope to the organization from another country. For all phone numbers, please include the area code and country code if you know them.

    • Name of school or organization
    • Postal Mailing address
    • Video phone number
    • Text phone number (TTY/TDD/Minicom)
    • SMS/Text message number
    • Voice phone number
    • Fax number
    • Email address
    • Website address
    • Description

    It is helpful to include a short description of the primary purpose and mission of the school or organization. This description can be between one and three sentences. We may revise descriptions at our discretion for brevity, clarity, stylistic consistency, grammar, and other issues.

    Please do clarify what type of organization or school you are sharing (for example, advocacy group, deaf club or society, sports organization, cultural arts organization, religious organization, deaf primary school, secondary school, vocational training program, government agency, etc.).

    You can submit your information to Contact. If you are submitting information for many organizations and schools, then please communicate with us in advance so we can discuss the best format for presenting your information.

    Here are two examples of how you can present the information for your organization or school.

    Gandaki Association of the Deaf (GAD-Pokhara)
    Mr.Rajendra Prasad Sharma, President
    P.O.Box: -517, Simalchour, Firkei
    Phone: 061- 5 23295
    Fax: 061-523295

    Description: GAD works to end poverty, illiteracy, and isolation among deaf and hard of hearing people and to empower them through sign language, awareness, and academic education. It offers training in Nepali Sign Language including in rural areas, runs an income generation program, and runs a secondary school for deaf students.

    Colegio Filadelfia para Sordos
    Vivian Patti Jones, Rectora
    Cll 59 no. 14 A-58
    Chapinero, Bogota
    Phone: 249 2142
    Fax: 249 7546

    Description: This secondary institution for formal education serves students who are deaf, deafblind, or deaf with additional disabilities. It is a bilingual and bicultural program.

    How Do I Communicate with the World Deaf Information Resource Project?

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