Spring 2024 Program – Updates

We aim to utilize the BisonShop as a platform to showcase Deaf owned businesses and Deaf artists while creating valuable opportunities for the community to show their support and acknowledge the importance of those businesses and artists. Our objective is to facilitate the rapid development of small Deaf owned businesses and Deaf artists by offering them opportunities to introduce their products to our audience. Selected businesses and artists will be invited to display their products for the calendar year.

**Please note we are not accepting books at this time. Books will be announced at a later time. 


  • The vendor must be a Gallaudet University alumni or current or former Gallaudet University student (*Current Gallaudet University employees may not participate at this time; this will be re-evaluated in the future)
  • At least 90% of the selected products must be from Deaf owned businesses or artists.
  • A maximum of 10% of the selected products can be from hearing vendors, with partial proceeds to benefit Gallaudet University student programs and/or scholarships.


    • Applications due: Friday, January 19, 2024
    • Businesses and artist selection: Friday, February 2, 2024
    • Products will remain in-store through December 31, 2024
    • Commission Payments are processed per the below schedule:
      • May 30, 2024
      • September 30, 2024
      • January 10, 2025


  • Interested parties will submit an application form to ensure: 
    • Fair and unbiased product selections
    • The products do not meet any unfair labor practices
    • There are no conflicts of interest 
    • There are no offensive messages or discrimination
    • There are no violations of copyrights or intellectual property
  • The program will have limited space. For any products/vendors not selected in this round, vendors may be contacted to see if they would like to be considered for the following semester rotation

Sale Opportunities

  • For Spring 2024 
    • Spring school field trip visitors
    • Academic Bowl
    • Battle of the books
    • Commencement 
  • Summer 2024
    • Youth Camps
    • External Group Visitors
    • New Student Orientation
  • Fall 2024  
    • Homecoming 2024
    • Holiday season

Consignment Program Terms

  • Products will be featured during one calendar year
  • Shelf fee* for 2024 Calendar Year, which covers overhead and marketing materials (*This fee may be increased in the future):
    • $150.00 for alumni
    • $0.00 free for current students
    • Revenue sharing of 80/20 split:
      • 20% retained by the BisonShop/Gallaudet University
      • 80% of sales go to the vendor
        • minus credit card processing fees of 3%
        • Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP):
          • MSRP is set by the vendor
      • Options for handling remaining inventory at the end of the sales period:
      • The vendor can choose to donate the remaining inventory
        • Recognition of donation will be processed via Gallaudet’s Development Office
      • Have the BisonShop ship the remaining inventory back to the vendor
        • Shipping charges will be deducted from the sales distribution at the end of the term
  • The vendor must provide Gallaudet with a Certificate of Insurance, naming Gallaudet as additionally insured. 


  • BisonShop/Gallaudet University will solely determine product placement and location.
    • The location will be in a centralized, high-traffic location with vendor or artist biographies.
    • Upon receipt of inventory, Gallaudet University will be fully responsible for inventory and sales of products.
      • Force Majeure refers to any events beyond a party’s reasonable control and cannot be avoided with reasonable care by the Affected Party, including but not limited to government acts, natural disasters, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, tide, lightning, or war.
        • Although the affected party will not be responsible for any damage because of such a failure or delay of performance caused by Force Majeure, the affected party shall be exempted from such liabilities when it uses its reasonable efforts to minimize or remove the effects of Force Majeure and attempt to resume performance of the obligations delayed or prevented by the event of Force Majeure. After the event of Force Majeure is removed, both parties agree to use their best efforts to resume the performance of this Agreement.
    • The use of the Gallaudet name, logo, or brand is strictly prohibited in any products.

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