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Students standing in the shape of the numbers 1, 5, and 0.

Photo by John Mason

In October 2013, students from Michelle McAuliffe’s Digital Photography class organized and documented a campus photo with people standing in 150 formations. Photographers Taylor Moser and John Mason captured the moment of jubilation as people signed “1 5 0” and then waved hands in applause.


Gallaudet’s 150th celebration is made possible by generous sponsorship support.


GOLD: Philip L. Graham Fund; SVRS

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GU Hall of Fame
One of the oldest honors bestowed by the University, the Hall of Fame inducts people who are exemplars of service, stature, or achievement.
Symposium: Celebrating 150 Years of Visionary Leadership
This gathering of scholars marks the 150th anniversary of access to higher education for deaf students.
The Gallaudet Reunion
The Gallaudet Reunion, celebrating the 150th anniversary of Gallaudet University and the 125th anniversary of the Gallaudet University Alumni Association, will take place July 9 through July 13


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