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Along with his wife, Dr. Jack R. Gannon, Rosalyn Lee Gannon, and his friends worked tirelessly to establish the Gallaudet Museum in 1985, which was located in the Chapel Hall. It was fully operated by volunteers and supported through donations. The Museum showcased many artifacts, a collection of antique books, and few rotating exhibitions. The Museum, unfortunately, closed in 1986 due to insufficient volunteers. Because of Dr. and Mrs. Gannon’s long service to Deaf History and passion for Deaf Museums, they are named Honorary Chairs of the Gallaudet University Museum since September of 2009.

Photo of Ausma Smits, Professor Emerita of the Department of History, giving remarks during the opening ceremony of the Gallaudet Museum in 1985. Photo courtesy of Gallaudet University Archives. Photo L to R: Dr. Gerald 'Bummy' Burstein, '50; Philip Heupel, E-'18; Sam Rittenberg, E-'23; John Seipp, E-'24 during the ribbon cutting ceremony in 1985 at the Chapel Hall. Photo: Bernard Bragg and Leon Auerbach (former faculty member) conversing in the museum exhibition.

Click here to see the Brochure of the Gallaudet Museum in 1985 in PDF.

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