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In order to provide direction for sesquicentennial planning, the President and Steering Committee developed the theme Gallaudet University: Celebrating 150 Years of Visionary Leadership. This theme will guide decisions on all activities planned in recognition of Gallaudet University’s sesquicentennial. The year-long celebration will recognize the past but focus on the future and the many ways Gallaudet University continues to offer visionary leadership.


All constituencies and components of the campus are involved in developing a series of events that commemorate our history, inspire our future, and extend our communications reach. Sesquicentennial activities will:

  • Honor Gallaudet University’s 150 years of academic excellence and use this milestone to launch new initiatives, discussions and partnerships leading the University forward.
  • Emphasize that we are first and foremost a university in which academic discourse plays a central role.
  • Recognize the University’s unique place in deaf history.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate both the continuity and the change our campus has seen, including Gallaudet University’s progression towards greater diversity of people and ideas.
  • Demonstrate Gallaudet’s impact on the world and underscore the University’s leadership role on the local, national and international level.
  • Highlight the continuous support of Gallaudet’s alumni and collaborations with the Gallaudet University Alumni Association.

Gallaudet’s 150th celebration is made possible by generous support from:


Purple, GUAA


Philip L. Graham Fund, SVRS

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