The following is a collection of significant citations and references pertaining to the Museum’s permanent exhibition, Gallaudet at 150 and Beyond, and other Museum materials.

Like most historical research, the Museum’s research is an ongoing process. This list is intended to provide a guide to Museum sources, and it is numbered for easy reference.

Please see the panel listing at the bottom for a guide to the panel reference codes.

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Panel reference codes

  • WL – Welcome
  • FE – The Foundations of Education: 1817-1857
  • FV – The Founder’s Vision: 1857-1910
  • SC – Staying the Course: 1910-1957
  • GU – Growth of a University: 1957-1988
  • DP – Deaf President Now: March 1988
  • HD – From Harmony to Dissent: 1998-2006
  • RR – Reaffirmation and Rebuilding: 2007-2014
  • LF – The Future of Gallaudet University: Looking Forward
  • AC – Acknowledgments
  • OR – Other Resources
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