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The Center for the Advancement of Interpreting and Translation Research (CAITR) is an initiative within Gallaudet University’s Interpretation and Translation programs whose role is to cultivate resources, gather information, and encourage collaborations that advance research on signed language interpreting and translation.

The CAITR does all the following:

  • Provides research resources and facilities for DoIT students and faculty.
  • Promotes interpreting and translation research activity by the DoIT students and faculty.
  • Creates partnerships and collaborations that will advance research in signed language interpretation and translation.
  • Develops oversight of events that support research studies and publication.
  • Cultivates external funding opportunities for research activity.


CAITR Colloquium Lecture Series
Gallaudet offers an annual Colloquium Lecture Series through the CAITR and the Department of Interpreting & Translation. View a list of CAITR Colloquium Lecturers and their topics here.


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Center for the Advancement of Interpreting and Translation Research

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