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A general charge to all Working Group members will be developed and may include:

  1. Review the inventory of available documents and reports provided to the Working Group, identifying documents that might be useful in their analysis. 
  2. Review the Self-Study analytic research questions developed by the Steering Committee, refining them, and matching them to the inventory of available data. 
  3. Identify needed additional data and develop a plan for collecting it. 
  4. Use the refined Self-Study questions as a guide, along with the appropriate MSCHE standards, prepare an initial draft report, section by section (see timeline), with a draft final report combining all sections, 1-5, to be submitted to the MSCHE SC. The draft report should be prepared in the format outlined by the Steering Committee. 
  5. Develop a plan to provide broad dissemination and discussion of the draft report across the campus community. 

The report template will be completed by May 9, 2022 for dissemination to the Gallaudet community throughout Summer 2022 and early Fall 2022. 

The report template structure may include:

  1. An overview of the group’s charge, and the questions it addressed. 
  2. A description of the topic under review and description of the evidence considered, with appropriate references to MSCHE standards included. 
  3. An analytic discussion of the institution’s relevant strengths and challenges, with appropriate reference to standards and fundamental elements. 
  4. Recommendations for improvement. 
  5. Discussion of the connection of the group’s topic with those of other groups, and of any collaboration between groups that took place. 


An electronic copy of the Sections 1 to 5 in the WG Report Template will be forwarded to the Co-Chairs of the MSCHE SC on or before the due date outlined in the Self-Study timeline. The Self-Study report will be initially edited by the Self-Study Co-Chairs and will then be returned to the WGs for review. Changes and suggestions from the WGs will be considered and incorporated into the document to the extent possible and, when not accommodated, reasonable explanations shall be provided. The second draft will be made available to the SC. Additional comments for improvement will again be solicited and accommodated to the extent possible. Reasonable explanations will once again be provided for any suggestions not incorporated. A third draft of the Self-Study will be posted on the Gallaudet University Self-Study home page for the campus community to review and comment on. Notice will also be provided on the Self-Study website; a hard copy of the Self-Study draft is available in the university library. Further comments received from the university community will be incorporated into the Self-Study as appropriate, and the SC will be provided with the reasons for not incorporating particular feedback. All evidential reports and supporting documents used to develop the Self-Study will be made available to the university community and to the MSCHE review team.

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