Areas of Study

Course Overview

VEE102 is the second semester of a two-semester first-year seminar (VEE101 and VEE102). The first semester, VEE101, is designed to welcome students into Gallaudet’s unique educational environment with deep dives into Deafhood, our bilingual identities as ASL and English users, and multi-cultural and multi-identity exploration, all grounded in personal wellness and self-discovery. VEE 102, the second semester of first year seminar, is designed to encourage students’ exploration of the academic possibilities Gallaudet has to offer, open up thinking about myriad career opportunities beyond, and foster their potential to boldly blaze new career trails while opening doors for others to follow. In both seminars, students will have ample opportunity to meet deaf people from diverse backgrounds through workshops, seminars, and small group activities in collaboration with Gallaudet’s faculty and staff, Student Success program, and Student Affairs.

Credit: 3