Dae-Kun Kim

Assistant Professor

Language, Education, and CultureEnglish

202 6186889 (videophone)


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Critical Studies in the Education of Deaf Learners, Gallaudet University
  • Education Specialist in Deaf Education, Gallaudet University
  • Master of Science in Secondary Education for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students, English Instruction, RIT
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, RIT

Dae-Kun Kim, Ph.D., a Korean native with a California upbringing, is an assistant professor in the English Program at Gallaudet University. He has a Ph.D. in Critical Studies in the Education of Deaf Learners from Gallaudet University. His research focuses on various types and genres in graphic novels and manga/comic books in Deaf people’s reading experiences. His recent work emphasizes experiences of reading graphic novels to foster reading interest in Deaf Elementary school students.

In addition to his Ph.D., Dae-Kun holds an Educational Specialist degree from Gallaudet, a Master of Science in Secondary Education for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing specializing in English Instruction, and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology. His Master’s Capstone is titled Reading Graphic Novels: Understanding and Appreciation by Deaf College Level Students.

His prior experience includes being the Program Coordinator for the Center for Continuing and Online Education (CCOE), which embodies the responsibilities of coordinating several Professional Studies and Training (PST) courses, recruiting PST course instructors, communicating with various departments in the University, coordinating the University’s summer semester sessions, and providing academic advisings to Online Degree Completion Program students.

Dae-Kun also has experience as an adjunct faculty member for the General Studies department as a professor for courses such as First Year Seminar, Utilizing Critical Literacy through Graphic Novels, Introduction to Korea, and Reframing History through Critical Theory. Some other classes include Introduction to Education and Teaching under the Department of Education and several English courses with the English Language Institute at Gallaudet University with the opportunity to teach Deaf and hard of hearing students from all over the world - China, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Norway, Venezuela, and Korea to name a few.

Currently Teaching

ENG-395 Special Topics Credits: 1-5
ENG-376 Comics and Critical Literacy Credits: 3
VEE-150 Research Methods in ASL/English Bilingual Academic Contexts Credits: 3
  • ENG-50 English Language Study (2021/01)(02)
  • ENG-50 English Language Study (2021/01)(04)
  • GSR-220 Methods of Multiples Disciplin (2021/02)(OL1)
  • ENG-395 Special Topics (2021/02)(OL1)
  • GSR-220 Methods of Multiples Disciplin (2021/03)(OL1)
  • ENG-395 Special Topics (2021/03)(OL1)
  • EDU-720 Intro to Research (2021/02)(OL1)
  • GSR-220 Methods of Multiples Disciplin (2021/02)(07)
  • VEE-102 First Year Seminar Part 2 (2021/02)(13)
  • ENG-102 Critical Reading and Writing (2023/01)(03S)
  • Advising Load 2022/02: Total:25 Undergraduate:25
  • Secretary for the English Program 2021/01
  • Summer Program Coordinator 2021/02
  • ODCP Deaf Studies Student Advisor 2021/02
  • Comic Studies Society: September 2021
  • Greater Washington Asian Deaf Association: September 2012
  • National Asian Deaf Congress: April 2023
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    Dae-Kun Kim

    202 6186889

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