Some words can become different parts of speech by changing their endings or their placement in the sentence. The forms of these words look almost the same but depending on which part of speech they are, their spelling may change. Some words use the same spelling for different forms of the word, but depending on how it is used in the sentence, it can mean different things.

Here is a list of words, their possible endings, and their part of speech.

Verb Noun (thing) Noun (person) Adjective Adverb
abolish abolition abolitionist abolitionary
abridge abridgement abridger abridged
absorb absorption absorbent, absorbable absorbingly
accelerate acceleration, accelerator accelerative
accommodate accommodation accommodating accommodatingly
acquaint acquaintanceship acquaintance acquainted
acquire acquisition acquisitive, acquirable acquisitively
adapt adaptation adapter adaptable
adversity adverse adversely
alert alert alert
alter altered, alterable alterably
alternate alternation, alternative alternatively
ambiguity ambiguous ambiguously
analogy analogous analogously
analyze analysis analyst analytical analytically
annotate annotation annotated
anonymity anonym anonymous anonymously
antagonize antagonism antagonist antagonistic antagonistically
anthropology anthropologist anthropologic, anthropological anthropologically
apprehension apprehensive apprehensively
anxiety anxious anxiously
assimilate assimilation
assume assumption
active activation active actively
abruptness abrupt abruptly
ban ban banned
bear bearable bearably
bewilder bewilderment bewildering, bewildered bewilderedly,
bind binding
breathe breather, breathing breathable
bribe bribery
categorize category categorical categorically
classify classifier, classification classifiable
condemn condemnation condemned
consume consumption consumer
crave craving
cultivate cultivation cultivated
deter deterrent
emerge emergence emergent
emigrate emigration emigrant
enhance enhancement
exhilarate exhilaration exhilarated/ exhilarating
expend expenditure expendable
facilitate facility facilitator
formulate formula
fundamental fundamentalist fundamental fundamentally
hazard hazardous hazardously
imply implication
impropriety improper improperly
infatuation infatuated/ infatuating
infect infection infected, infectious infectiously
influence influence influential influentially
intensify intensive intensively
intervene intervention
intimacy intimate intimately
intuition intuitive intuitively
invert inversion inverse inversely
irritate irritation irritating/ irritated
maneuver maneuver, maneuverability maneuverable
manipulate manipulation
matriarchy matriarch matriarchal
mediate mediation mediator
mediocrity mediocre
miracle miraculous miraculously
modesty modest modestly
mutual mutually
offend offense offender offensive offensively
overwhelm overwhelming overwhelmingly
participate participation participant
penetrate penetration penetrating penetratingly
pollute pollution polluted
potential potential potentially
precision precise precisely
predict prediction, predictability predictor predictable predictably
predispose predisposition
prestige prestigious
prevail prevalence prevalent
proportion proportion proportional proportionally
provoke provocation provocative provocatively
pursue pursuit
reflect reflection, reflector reflective reflectively
retract retraction retractable
retain retention retentive
transform transformation
validity valid
vocation vocational vocationally
warrant warranty warranted

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