The English Center is dedicated to helping undergraduate students become more confident, resourceful, and effective users of English.

We provide free tutoring, writing advice, and instructional support services to all who request it, including GU faculty and staff.

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The English Center is available to assist all Gallaudet students and students from other programs with its Writing Resources. The resources found here are meant to assist students in all stages of the writing process. Guidance on many different stages/types of writing, including editing and...

Reading ESL

Reading in English as Second Language (ESL) is made for those who want to enhance their reading skills by learning reading strategies and completing reading practice exercises. We've created and collected resources to help with reading-related issues you may encounter while in college as well...

Citations and References

When you write a research paper, you will have to borrow information from other sources in order to prove your points. You must show in your paper where you found the information any time you borrow information from another source. This is called “citing” or...

Grammar and Vocabulary

It is easy to make grammar and punctuation errors. The English Center provides Gallaudet students with help in understanding grammatical rules, including tips and guidelines that will remind you of some common errors and of how to correct them.



Policies and Information

If you cannot make your scheduled tutoring session please email your tutor. Occasionally, the tutor may not see the email prior to the session. Be mindful that you are only permitted to cancel your tutoring sessions 3 times at the risk of being dropped from tutoring.
In accordance with the Academic Honesty Policy established by Gallaudet University, tutors and English coaches are not permitted to assist students with tests.
The Tutorial Center’s budget has to be justified by how well our services are used. The sign-in process helps us keep records of the usage of our services. In addition, the sign-in numbers tell us how students use the Tutorial Center, so that we can make changes and better serve the Gallaudet community.

Services and Support

Please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSWD) and explain the type(s) of accommodations needed.
To request tutoring services, please log-in to your Navigate portal to set up an appointment. If you have difficulty getting an appointment or would like to be a tutor, please contact us.

Common Questions

If you aren’t happy with a tutor, you can request to work with a different tutor or come in and discuss the situation with a Tutorial Center supervisor.
Tutoring through the Tutorial Center is a free academic support service for Gallaudet students.
If a tutor or English coach edits or proofreads course work (and makes changes for the student), the student would not be presenting his or her own true work.

Opportunities Questions

A tutor is not a substitute for your teacher. You are expected to attend class regularly. For tutoring sessions, read your textbook and complete as much of your homework as possible. Come to the session with questions about your reading assignment or homework that you did not understand. You should bring your textbook, class notes, old test papers, class handouts, and any other supporting documents so the tutor is fully informed and can help you navigate course material and pinpiont areas to offer assistance.

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