Currently Teaching

EDU-665 Children's Literature Credits: 3
ENG-395 Special Topics Credits: 1-5
ENG-410 Adolescent Literature Credits: 3
  • ENG-50 English Language Study (2021/02)(03)
  • ENG-50 English Language Study (2022/01)(4)
  • ENG-350 Intro to African-American Lit (2022/02)(01)
  • EDU-665 Children's Literature (2022/02)(01)
  • Associate Editor: Watchung Review 2022/02
  • Professional Development: Washington, District of Columbia 2022/02
  • Bilingual Approach Seminar (BAS): Washington, District of Columbia 2023/01-2023/01
  • CITI Program Course: Washington, District of Columbia 2023/01-2023/01
  • Popular Culture Association: September 2022-Ongoing
  • National Council of Teachers of English: April 2022-Ongoing
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    Dolphia Butler

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