A series of “Transition Points” guide candidates through the three-year curriculum toward Specialist Degree and eventual alumni status. The program identifies six Transition Points that serve as benchmarks for monitoring progress through the program. The six Transition Points are: Entry into the Program, M.A. Degree in Developmental Psychology, Advancement to Practicum II, Advancement to Internship, Specialist Degree in School Psychology, and Alumni Status. A summary of requirements at each Transition Point is presented below.

Summary of Transition Point Requirements

Transition Point Requirements
1. Entry Into the Program Recommendation for Admission by the Admissions Committee based on completed application (Psychology Major or Equivalent Course Background; GPA minimum 3.0; Letters of Recommendation; GREs; and Personal Statements/Essays on experience related to deafness specialization, rationale for entering the profession, goals, and related work experience).
2. Awarding the M.A. Degree in Developmental Psychology Successful completion of 30 semester hours of specified graduate courses, an additional six credits in sign communication (or waiver), and three comprehensive examinations.
3. Advancement to Practicum II Completion of all previous transition points plus a prerequisite grade of B- or above in Practicum I, successful ratings on Practicum I Field Supervisor Surveys, and successful completion of the Communication and Technology Profiles.
4. Advancement to Internship Successful completion of M.A. plus 30 credits, Practicum II and Consultation Externship grades of B- or above, successful Practicum II logs, successful Field Supervisor Surveys (Practicum II and Consultation Externship) and Intervention Binders, passing the Comprehensive Examination Case Study, and completing the Pre-Internship File (Individual Internship Plan and updated Vita, Communication Profile, and Technology Profile).
5. Awarding the Specialist Degree in School Psychology Successful completion of all previous transition points plus 12 internship credits, a full-time academic year internship of at least 1200 hours, monthly Internship Logs, successful Field Supervisor Surveys and Internship Comprehensive Case Report, completion of the Candidate Exit Survey, Evaluation of Internship Site/Supervisor, and the NTE Praxis II National School Psychology Test.
6. Alumni Status Receipt of NTE Praxis II National School Psychology Examination scores, completion of the Alumni Survey and Employer Survey (+ 3 years).

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