Areas of Study

Keeping the Promise promotes student intellectual advancement by demonstrating and reinforcing the essential values of scholarship and perseverance through intentionally-designed activities that foster motivation, empowerment, academic excellence, understanding of historical and cultural heritage, and model citizenship.

  • Increase persistence, retention and graduation rates of groups underrepresented in retention and graduation
  • Support participants in realizing their full potential
  • Equip participants with strategies for academic success
  • Encourage self-awareness through multicultural learning events
  • Facilitate a campus-wide climate conducive to student success
  • Collaborate with other campus units to support the academic success of participants
Services and Programs
  • Academic skills-building workshops
  • Cultural identity events, excursions and workshops
  • Mentoring through volunteer life coaches
  • National and international travel
  • Enhancing cultural awareness
  • Leadership institute/retreat
  • Shared readings on common experiences
Benefits of KTP Participation
  • Bond with like-minded students for academic success
  • Build your support systems and networks for success
  • Interact with life coaches
  • Enhance study and college survival skills
  • Learn appropriate self-advocacy styles/strategies
  • Develop leadership skills through leadership training and leadership skills application opportunities
  • Develop an appreciation for diversity and inclusion
  • Develop an appreciation of the power of unity in diversity
  • Give back to your communities

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Keeping The Promise

SAC 2200

(240) 259-3812

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