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If you’re currently enrolled in a STAMP² (Science, Technology, Accessibility, Mathematics, Public Health, and Psychology) course, the STAMP² Tutoring Program is a good place to start! The program provides walk-in and one-to-one tutoring with qualified undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, and professionals who have expertise in the courses they tutor. The program also provides in-class tutors to support students during classes.

Although the STAMP² Tutoring Program is not a substitute for your instructor or the class the tutors can help you:

  • Learn course content
  • Strengthen your problem-solving skills.
  • Utilize resources.
  • Improve your study skills.

Make tutoring a regular part of your study routine!

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Preparing to Apply
You are able to sign up for one-on-one appointments through Navigate. If you have difficulties scheduling an appointment, please contact us.
Common Questions
To receive help, you may walk in anytime during our posted Math Center hours. There are no constraints on the number of walk-in visits. However, during peak times, coaches may be busy and will assist every student in a fair manner as time allows.
The services of the Math Center are covered by the University. There is no additional cost to the student.
A tutor is not a substitute for your teacher. Prior to a tutoring session, read your textbook and complete as much of your homework. You will benefit from tutoring if you come to the center with questions about homework or projects that you didn’t understand. You should bring your textbook, class notes, graded test papers, class handouts, etc. Math Coach provides expertise, experience, and encouragement. Coaches do not provide answers, but they assist in problem solving and helping students find their own answers.
Walk-ins do not require appointments, and you can drop by at any time during the posted hours.  During peak times, the tutors may be busy assisting other students at the same time.  However, with one-on-one tutoring, the tutor is directly available to you throughout the session.   An appointment is required, and it is made via Navigate.  Tutors have their own schedules, and their days and hours vary.  Their availability is posted in Navigate. 
Yes, when there are more than one tutor available for an area of study.  You can visit the website to learn more about their expertises. Also, you can check out their availability on Navigate and then make an appointment with one of them.
Tutors do not provide answers, but they can assist you with the steps of problem solving and help you utilize resources to reach your own answers.

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