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Orientation programs are designed to welcome students and families to Gallaudet University. These programs detail a variety of changes students can expect as they transition into campus life and provide an overview of campus resources to support students’ success.

Students who are interested in science, technology, or mathematics are also encouraged to join our Summer Stamp Bridge program.


Family Orientation Program
Gallaudet University values providing support for students in a multitude of ways and encourage students’ families to attend the Family Orientation Program (FOP). We understand that sending a student off to college is a significant milestone, and the transition requires adjustment. FOP is here to make that transition as smooth as possible.
Graduate Student Orientation
Graduate Student Orientation (GSO) is an annual program to welcome new graduate students to our unique bilingual and multicultural environment and prepare them for their graduate school experience. During GSO, you will become familiar with Gallaudet University resources and have an opportunity to connect with your program faculty and your fellow graduate students.
New Student Orientation
New Student Orientation (NSO) is a required program for all students enrolling at Gallaudet for the first time, including first-year and transfer students. NSO is intended to help students prepare for the start of their academic careers at Gallaudet University. During NSO you will have time to meet your academic and career advisors, become familiar with Gallaudet University resources, and get to know your classmates.

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