Resume Check List

Evaluation Check List for Resume

Your name
Your address (use current address for full time job; list home and school address for internship)
Your telephone number (provide appropriate relay number in addition)
Your internet or email address
Objective: Some people omit this, if they plan to include their objective in the cover letter.
Tell the employer what kind of work you hope to do. Tailor your information to the job you’re seeking.
Education: Placement of the education section can vary. Some employers prefer it after the objective while others prefer it after work experience.
College or University you attended or are currently attending
Date of degree and majors or expected date of graduation (if more than one degree or school, list most recent first, next recent, and so on)
GPA if 3.0 or above
Work Experience: Description of responsibilities and accomplishments on the job. List the strongest, most impressive accomplishments first within each section.
List most recent job first and the least recent job last.
Start your list with the title you held, the organization’s name, and the city and state.
Include dates employed. Spell out the entire months’ names followed by the year. Or you could use the letter abbreviation of the month followed by the year. Don’t use number abbreviations for the months.

Example: May 1994 — September 1994
May 1994 — Sept. 1994
Use good-quality white or off-white bond paper.
Use one inch margins on all sides.
Use even distribution of white space.
Use only one page (unless extensive work experience)
Use an easy to read font like Bookman, New York, Palation, Times New Roman
Optional Sections:

  • Summary – one or two sentences that sum up your accomplishments and skills.
  • Related course work.
  • Related skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Honors/Activities (if career related)

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