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Every sentence in English (except interjections) has a subject and a verb. The subject is either a noun or a pronoun. The verb is either an action verb or a helping verb. There are several basic sentence patterns in English.

Basic Sentences

Noun/Pronoun Verb
Carol swims.
They are laughing.
Noun/Pronoun Verb Noun/Pronoun
Their teacher is a book.
ice cream.
Noun/Pronoun Verb Adjective
Mary is smart.
He is quite tall.
Noun/Pronoun Verb Prepositional Phrase
James studied for the GRE test.
The dog waited for its owner yesterday.
Noun/Pronoun Verb Adverb
Melissa swims daily
We are walking slowly.
All other sentences in English can be longer if the writer wants to add more information to a sentence or combine short sentence patterns using a conjunction (and, but) into one long sentence. For example: Carol is smart, likes ice cream, and likes to swim every day at Gallaudet.

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