The American Sign Language (ASL) Center tutors can support undergraduate students in learning course content, test preparation, critique feedback, ASL skills, ASL conversation, and more.

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Policies and Information

No, we can’t help answer the questions from graded assignments. They can identify the ASL concepts you are learning and help you better understand the material so you can complete your assignments and graded assignments on your own.

Preparing to Apply

You are able to sign up for one-on-one appointments through Navigate. If you have difficulties scheduling an appointment, please contact us.

Common Questions

The services of the ASL Center are covered by the University. There is no additional cost to the student.
A tutor is not a substitute for your teacher. Prior to a tutoring session, prepare and complete as much of your homework. You will benefit from tutoring if you come to the center with questions about homework or projects that you did not understand or need to improve. You should bring your rubric, assignment, class notes, etc. ASL Coach provides expertise, experience, and encouragement. Coaches do not provide answers, but they assist in problems and help students find their own answers.
The American Sign Language (ASL) Center is a drop-in center for any student taking an ASL class at Gallaudet University. The primary purpose of the center is to offer an active learning environment that encourages students to become independent learners. Students may use the center to study, practice skills, and work on assignments for classes.
You are welcome to visit the American Sign Language (ASL) Center anytime during regular operating hours. We encourage students to make the ASL Center a regular part of their student routine. This ensures the best environment to ask questions while studying. It also significantly reduces any frantic, last-minute cramming. It’s a place where students can practice ASL Skills and ask for feedback.
Once you are in the American Sign Language (ASL) Center, make yourself comfortable at a table. Many students use the lab as a place to do their homework, so it is not unusual to see students quietly working on their own. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask one of our coaches. Even though they sometimes seem preoccupied with other things, our coaches are always ready and willing to help answer your questions. The ASL Center is a place where active learning occurs. There are booths where you can make a video for your homework.
ASL Center coaches are undergraduate and graduate Gallaudet University students who are majoring in American Sign Language and Linguistics. The American Sign Language (ASL) Center Coordinator supervises the ASL Center.
If you’re currently enrolled in an American Sign Language (ASL) course, the ASL Center is a good place to do your homework. If you have any questions about your homework assignment, a coach will be available to provide a guide. Having your questions answered while you are doing homework will allow you to finish your assignment in less time with less frustration. If you are having trouble understanding the material that is being covered in class, our coaches can provide you with a quick review of the ASL concepts. The ASL center is not a substitute for class. If you are studying for a test or exam, ASL Center coaches can help you review material and concepts in preparation for your exam.
The ASL Center is located in SLCC #1240.
To receive help, you may walk in anytime during our posted ASL Center hours. There are no constraints on the number of walk-in visits. However, during peak time, coaches may be busy and will assist every student in a fair manner as time allows.

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