Melissa Yingst, '00
Melissa talks about how she went from being a student and hosting the "What's Up, Gallaudet" show to having a successful career and her own online show.

All of this began at Gallaudet, where she learned to love the media, tell stories, and get involved with the deaf and signing communities.
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Darrius Doe, '18
Alumni Darrius Doe returns to campus after graduation as a staff member, reflecting on his formative years that brought him full circle to Gallaudet.
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Celebrate the journeys of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and donors – everyone that makes us uniquely Gallaudet.

#iamgallaudet is a series celebrating and recognizing the vast diversity of perspectives from members of our Gallaudet community. It is because of these triumphant stories that Gallaudet University has been the political, social, and economic engine of the signing community for more than 150 years.