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Elijah Henderson '22

Communication Studies
St. Louis, MO
“Investing in education is an investment in yourself,” is what Gallaudet alumni Elijah Henderson, ’22, believes. See how Gallaudet invested in Elijah and how he grew from that.

It’s more than just academics

When Elijah had to pause his educational journey at Gallaudet due to finances, Gallaudet didn’t give up on him. Supporting him with not only financial aid to complete his degree, but with career services which landed him an internship at the Federal Aviation Administration Headquarters in their HR department. This opportunity led him to a job at the Department of Labor while currently continuing his studies as a graduate student at Gallaudet.

Pathway to Career Success

To discover and deepen his Deaf and Black identities, Elijah immersed himself in the Gallaudet community. He became involved in the Black Student Union (BSU), and hosted and performed in ASL Poetry Night at Busboys and Poets. Overcoming financial challenges to complete his degree in Communication Studies demonstrates Elijah’s resilience and determination. The support he received from friends, academic advisors, and Gallaudet’s Financial Aid Office underscores the importance of a strong support system in navigating academic and personal hurdles. Pursuing graduate studies in Public Administration aligns with his career goal to become a leader in the government sector.
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The #IAmGallaudet campaign is part of The Gallaudet Promise, our ten-year vision to share the story from many different angles and show that there are many different ways to be deaf. These stories are moving, insightful, and often triumphant. These also reflect the importance of the space Gallaudet has offered to nurture the growth of a broad range of successful members of the deaf, hard of hearing, and signing community.