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Annabelle Scroggins, Class of 2025

Coming to Gallaudet University instilled so much confidence in her that she quickly planned out the next 4 years of her academic career. At Gallaudet, she realized the more opportunities she’s involved in, the more experience she gains, leading to greater confidence.

Confidence comes from within

Annabelle draws confidence from exploring the many opportunities at Gallaudet University. With academics at Gallaudet, Annabelle embraces the accessibility provided for students who benefit from them. She appreciates Washington, D.C.’s many offerings, including free museums, which she enjoys!

#IAmGallaudet Stories

Explore the stories of a variety of members of our Gallaudet community.

Woman with light brown hair, wearing a black shirt sitting and signing 'communicate'

Payton DeGraw

As a Cued Speech user, Payton felt welcomed at Gallaudet, the bilingual university for deaf and hard of hearing students.

The #IAmGallaudet campaign is part of The Gallaudet Promise, our ten-year vision to share the story from many different angles and show that there are many different ways to be deaf. These stories are moving, insightful, and often triumphant. These also reflect the importance of the space Gallaudet has offered to nurture the growth of a broad range of successful members of the deaf, hard of hearing, and signing community.