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Payton DeGraw '23

International Studies
Gallaudet offers many opportunities to feel welcomed! Payton was involved as a student-athlete, Peer Leader, and then Senior Peer Leader at JumpStart, the immersion program for emerging signers. Those roles paved the way for Payton to develop leadership skills. No matter what communication tool(s) you use, you will find your place at Gallaudet, just like Payton did.

New and emerging signers are welcomed at Gallaudet University!

Regardless of your background, communication style, or where you come from, Gallaudet welcomes you! JumpStart, an immersion program for emerging signers, is one of the avenues to plug into as you start your journey at Gallaudet to discover the Deaf culture and have fun learning a new language along the way.

That Welcomed Feeling. Priceless.

That feeling of being welcomed no matter where you come from is easily found here at Gallaudet. Just ask Payton. From the moment she set foot on campus, she felt welcomed, which allowed her to develop her identity through JumpStart, be a student-athlete, and take on leadership roles at Gallaudet.

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The #IAmGallaudet campaign is part of The Gallaudet Promise, our ten-year vision to share the story from many different angles and show that there are many different ways to be deaf. These stories are moving, insightful, and often triumphant. These also reflect the importance of the space Gallaudet has offered to nurture the growth of a broad range of successful members of the deaf, hard of hearing, and signing community.