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Midajah Davis, Class of 2024

Physical Education and Recreation
New York
We all have greatness inside of us. Midajah came to Gallaudet to be a student-athlete but got so much more out of her full experience here. Through athletics, and a top-quality education, Midajah discovered her greatness. She’s confident you will find yours here at Gallaudet.

Elevate to New Heights

When Midajah came to Gallaudet, she didn’t know her identity. She was trying to hide it to ‘fit in’. Once she arrived, her world changed – she fit in without trying to hide, she connected with people who understood her life experiences, and she even found not one, but several identities: Black. Female. Deaf. Athlete. These newfound identities allowed her to become a better athlete and person.

Many Firsts at Gallaudet

As a Black Deaf female athlete, Midajah broke both indoor and outdoor records in shot put at Gallaudet. When Midajah arrived here, she felt for the first time that it is okay to be Deaf. She truly connected with her athletic teammates. Gallaudet allowed Midajah to find her identities and be proud of them.
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The #IAmGallaudet campaign is part of The Gallaudet Promise, our ten-year vision to share the story from many different angles and show that there are many different ways to be deaf. These stories are moving, insightful, and often triumphant. These also reflect the importance of the space Gallaudet has offered to nurture the growth of a broad range of successful members of the deaf, hard of hearing, and signing community.