In August 2018, President Cordano announced a professional development program to support our collective growth and the learning of skills needed to continue our university transformation.

This program focuses on cohort-based learning, contributing to a highly interactive and supportive culture that will transform how employees think and perform.

More information on the Gallaudet Professional Development Program is on

At Gallaudet, learning is a lifelong quest. As such, we provide professional development opportunities that both help employees increase their effectiveness, by building and refining job skills, and enhance the level of service to the University.

Guiding Principles

  • Provide development and training programs that support University priorities.
  • Establish a culture of competence through adequate management, diversity, and skills-development opportunities.
  • Promote formal and informal development opportunities.
  • Establish a required core curriculum of courses, with additional electives based on interests and performance needs.
  • Present development in a variety of formats, based on the best way to get information across and to use valuable staff time reasonably.
  • Use recognition and rewards to acknowledge the attainment of development goals and to reinforce behavior change and the application of training on the job.
  • Periodically conduct skills assessment among management and supervisory staff to ascertain development needs.

Professional Development and Training Sessions

Upcoming professional development and training sessions are listed on the Calendar of Events. Click on any session to see full information and/or to register.

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Professional Development Opportunities

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