Areas of Study

Course Overview

This course introduces students to evidence-based auditory (re)habilitation (AR) practices that address the communicative and biopsychosocial functioning across the lifespan of children and adults who have an acquired or congenital hearing loss. The course has a strong interdisciplinary focus, and comprehensively addresses multicultural, ethical and professional issues in AR. Special emphasis will be given to the audiologist’s role in assessing function and providing effective rehabilitation services to families with deaf or hard of hearing children as well as working-age adults and seniors. A number of topics foundational to AR will be covered in this course including: acoustic phonetics as it relates to individuals with hearing loss, impact of hearing loss on biopsychosocial functioning of individuals, audiological counseling and the importance of cultural competence, assessment of individual AR needs, and group hearing aid orientation including speechreading and communication strategies.

Prerequisite: Open to AuD majors only or permission of the instructor.

Credit: 2