Areas of Study
  • Extra time is often needed with archival materials than with resources found in the library. Finding aids and the organization of archival materials require more time to locate holdings.
  • Know your project/topic and be prepared to discuss and explain what searching you’ve already done. The more information you can provide us, the better and faster we may be able to help you.
  • More time! Patrons will need to browse through folders and papers and some collections are very large. Information may be scattered throughout several boxes, various folders, and other collections, which may or may not be organized by topic, date, or subject.
  • We ask that all patrons fill out a researcher form at the reference desk or include full name and e-mail contact/phone number in e-mail.Searching in ALADIN Catalog or other resources by keyword does not always produce desired results. Many archival materials are not in the ALADIN Catalog or available online.
  • Finally, ask for assistance if you do not find the information you want.

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