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Gallaudet won a bid to host the next British Association of Applied Lingiustics Language (BAAL) Policy Forum this summer. BAAL is a prestigious organization that is recognized internationally and composed of well-known, well-respected linguistics and scholars in the Language Policy/linguistics field. They host annual forums on spoken languages and their policies. 

In hosting the Language Policy Forum 2022, Gallaudet University would lend its dynamic vision and rich history of over 150 years of academic bilingualism through the leadership of its newly established office of the Chief Bilingual Officer, Dr. Laurene Simms, with the support of the Deaf

Studies Department with its undergraduate programs (both on-campus and online) and graduate program (with tracks in Cultural Studies, Language Human Rights and Early Language Advocacy). 

This year’s forum theme is “Ensuring Language Vitality & Vibrancy: The How’s & The Whys” , which encourages the sharing of research on how languages including sign languages can be revitalized or supported in order to promote language vitality and vibrancy in specific underrepresented or less known communities.

Tawny Holmes Hlibok, Esq. is the forum chair and point of contact, and is the Language Planning and Policy Counsel for the Office of the Chief Bilingual Officer. She is also an Associate professor in the Deaf Studies Department. 

Further details and a call for papers will be shared in the beginning of March. 

Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C. 
Theme: “Ensuring Language Vitality & Vibrancy: The Hows & Whys”
Dates: 15-16 June, 2022
Format: Virtual

“Gallaudet University is honored to host the British Association of Applied Linguistics Language Policy Forum for the first time ever. As the only university in the world dedicated to the education for diverse deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind students, and as an epicenter for bilingual learning and teaching, we are committed to recognizing and promoting language vibrancy for all.” – Laurene E. Simms, PhD., Chief Bilingual Officer.

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