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The role of Gallaudet’s Office of University Communications is to communicate the University’s strategic messages to its key constituencies which includes the campus community (students, faculty, and staff at the University and the Clerc Center), prospective students and their parents, media, alumni, donors, members of Congress, the Board of Trustees, the Washington, D.C. community, deaf and hard of hearing people throughout the nation, and the general public.r Some of the key areas in which the office supports the university include:

Marketing and Creative Services

The Office of University Communications heads the Gallaudet University Marketing (GUM) group which provides coordination of various offices and departments across the campus to ensure a unified and professional presence at off campus conferences and exhibitions. Marketing and Creative Services, a group within the Office of University Communications, develops print, web, video and other content aimed at showcasing the outstanding academic and campus life at Gallaudet to recruit prospective undergraduate and graduate students. In an effort to provide support to the campus community and to establish a consistent “look” and brand for the University, the Office of University Communications has developed a system for creative service requests. These tools are designed for marketing and promoting the university and its programs to our external publics, particularly potential students. Priority will be given to those requests that directly support the goals of the Gallaudet Strategic Plan. Creative Services Request Form The office is also responsible for monitoring the use of the Gallaudet logo and co-branded department and program logos.


Media Relations

The Office of University Communications handles media inquiries received by the University and distributes press releases and promotes news about the University among key members of the media. The office receives numerous media inquiries from throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Recent media hits-Gallaudet in the news The office will coordinate interviews with the appropriate students, faculty and staff depending on the nature of the request and provide assistance with preparing for the interview including a review of media interview techniques, how to answer difficult questions, and develop talking points. If you are contacted directly by the media regarding a University matter, or if you are planning to give an interview in your area of expertise and would like help in preparing for an interview, please contact the Office of University Communications. We are always looking for good stories from the campus community to promote in our publications and to the media. There are several ways you can share a good story with the Office of Communications and Public Relations:
  • News Submission Form. This form is available for individuals to notify the office of a potential newsworthy item or event, i.e., notable faculty accomplishments or appearances at conferences, an intriguing student internship, a significant grant award or donation to the university, a new academic program offering, etc.
  • Daily Digest/Calendar Submission. Students, faculty, and staff can share news and announcements with the rest of the Gallaudet community (Daily Digest) or add an event to the campus calendar via Click on “Announcement,” then “Create Announcement.” For events, click on “Calendar,” then “Create Event.” It’s as easy as filling out a form. Images and video can also be submitted. If you have any questions, please contact us.
  • Schedule a Photographer
If there are any publications you would like to have feature Gallaudet or your program, please contact us.


Publications coordinated and produced by the Office of University Communications include:
  • On The Green
  • News about the Gallaudet University community
  • Daily Digest
  • Gallaudet Today Magazine
  • Gallaudet Today Newsletter
  • University Fast Facts

Website Management

The office oversees the content and design of the top-tier University websites as well as key departmental websites which include the Office of the President and the Board of Trustees. University Communications works in cooperation with various other offices and departments on campus, such as Gallaudet Technical Services, to maintain the University’s overall website.


  • If you have general web questions or feedback about the top level web site, please contact us.
  • If you have specific feedback about department websites or if you are experiencing problems accessing with the Gallaudet website, please submit feedback to the Helpdesk. There is a guest login for web visitors who do not have a Gallaudet account.
  • If you are a campus employee who needs help to create or maintain a department or program website, please contact the Helpdesk for technical assistance with access and training.

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