Areas of Study
Example: verb “work”
Active VoicePresentPastFuture
Simple work/works worked will work
Continuous am/is/are working was/were working will be working
Perfect has/have worked had worked will have worked
Perfect Continuous has/have been working had been working will have been working
Example: verb “work”
Passive VoicePresentPastFuture
Simple am/is/are worked was/were worked will be worked
Continuous am/is/are being worked was/were being worked will be being worked
Perfect has/have been worked had been worked will have been worked
Perfect Continuous has/have been being worked had been being worked will have been being worked
Example: verb “eat”
Active VoicePassive Voice
Present Simple eat/eats am/is/are eaten
Continuous am/is/are eating am/is/are being eaten
Perfect has/have eaten has/have been eaten
Perfect Continuous has/have been eating has/have been being eaten
Past Simple ate was/were eaten
Continuous was/were eating was/were being eaten
Perfect had eaten had been eaten
Perfect Continuous had been eating had been being eaten
Future Simple will eat will be eaten
Continuous will be eating will be being eaten
Perfect will have eaten will have been eaten
Perfect Continuous will have been eating will have been being eaten

by Koon Wei Ho

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