For all new incoming students (new and transfer), course selection occurs prior to Undergraduate Student Orientation. Course selection is determined based on ACT/SAT results and placement test results of American Sign Language (ASL), English and Mathematics, and transfer credits, if applicable. Students will be informed about their course schedule through e-mail.

Each semester thereafter, students are expected to meet with their Academic Advisors for pre-registration meeting before they can register online. Academic Advisors will guide or offer advice on which courses students should take based on their potential major or career plans. After the Academic Advisor approves a student’s course selections, he/she will be ready to register for classes online (Bison) at a pre-arranged date/time.

Helpful tips for course registration:

  • Refer to undergraduate catalog for course descriptions.
  • Check if there are any pre-requisites.
  • Check for potential time conflicts.
  • Come to pre-registration meeting prepared for discussion with your Academic Advisor.
  • Please refer to academic calendar for important dates to add or drop a course, change to an audit, or withdraw from a course.

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