Dear Incoming Parents/Guardians,

Sending your child off to college is a big and exciting transition. In the next four years, your child will
grow and change in large part based on personal interactions and the environment in which he or she
is living. We recognize that the culture at Gallaudet University will have a big impact on your child’s

We take every part of the Gallaudet University experience very seriously, and we have implemented a
comprehensive prevention program to help our students – your children – make the safest, healthiest
decisions possible.

One way we do that is through our partnership with EverFi, whose mission is to help students address
critical life skills such as alcohol abuse prevention, sexual assault and harassment prevention, financial
literacy, digital citizenship, etc. in high schools and higher education institutions across the country.

Every incoming first-year student will be required to take AlcoholEdu and Haven. We will be
communicating directly with your child regarding the information and instructions he/she needs to
complete this course. To help ensure that your child meets this requirement, please remind your son
or daughter that all students must complete Part 1 of the course(s) by August 24, 2016.

Each year over 500,000 students complete AlcoholEDU – EverFi’s online, non-opinionated, science-based alcohol abuse prevention course. This 1-2 hour program uses the latest prevention techniques
and research to educate students about the impact of alcohol on the mind and body. Whether or not
your child drinks alcohol, AlcoholEdu for College will empower your child to make well-informed
decisions about alcohol and help him or her better cope with the drinking behavior of peers.

Haven, EverFi’s premier online learning platform, addresses the critical issues of sexual assault,
relationship violence, and stalking, which impact countless college students across the country. Built-in
collaboration with leading researchers and practitioners, Haven is an interactive module designed to
engage and empower students to create safe, healthy campus environments.

In Haven, students are encouraged to reflect on their personal values and expectations in
relationships as a foundation for personal engagement. The program’s primary focus is to promote
healthy relationships based on positive communication and respect. Haven demonstrates for students
the warning signs of abuse, and situations that may be challenging or confusing regarding consent in
their own relationships and those of others.

We are confident that AlcoholEdu and Haven will help ensure your child’s success at Gallaudet
University and in the future. If you have any questions on the programming that we at Gallaudet
University offer, please feel free to contact me Christine Gannon, Health and Wellness Programs.


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