How to Pay Your Student Account Balance

Please click the link to view options on paying your student account balance.


Instructions on how to Download Insurance Card(s)

Step 1: Click on the link Step 2: Search for GU Step 3: Click on the Blue lines in upper right corner of your screen Step 4: Slect MY ACCOUNT from the options.  Step 5: If you DO NOT have an account select Create Account,...


Cayuse Account Request

Please complete the form below for access to Gallaudet Cayuse Human Ethics. You will receive an email with login instructions after you have been added to the system. Please allow 2-3 business days for account creation. You must be a student, staff, or faculty member...


Gallaudet launches official Twitter account and relaunches Facebook page

Gallaudet University is excited to announce the launch of its official Twitter account and relaunch of its Facebook page! Join 10,000-plus "like"-minded Gallaudet fans by clicking here. The Facebook page was started several years ago by Gary Wilson (E-’90), who initiated the transfer of the...


Account Management

Last Revised: January 10, 2019 Refer Questions to: Executive Director, Gallaudet Technology Services Section 2.22 Use of Information Technology Resources policy in the Gallaudet University Administration and Operations Manual states that access is limited to faculty, teachers, staff, and students (University and Clerc Center) and...


Moving Onward, Upward, and Beyond. Professional Development Series, 2011

Note that you will need to be logged into a gmail account or Gallaudet email account to access the files and pages correctly.


How to Make a Payment Using GallyPay

1. Please Click on Make Payment 2. In the Payment Amount please enter how much you would like to pay. Then please select the Payment Method for either e-check (US checking account or savings) or credit card. Click continue and follow the instructions for account...


Edward Miner Gallaudet Correspondence U

Last name/OrganizationFirst nameYearMonthDayBoxFolderLetter # U. S. Government Account of Sunday Children of DC 1886 12 14 17 30 278 U. S. Government Account of Sunday Children of DC 1886 12 14 17 30 278a Underhill O. W. 1907 08 27 48 18 548 Underhill O....


I. King Jordan’s account of the DPN protest

"My all-day interview happened on Saturday. It was very intensive, and when it was over, I felt confident. I knew I had done well. I went home that evening and told Linda that I was sure I would be offered the job. On Sunday, I...

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