Peet Hall, a five-story building, is located on the south side of the campus. It offers both single and double rooms along a corridor with community bathrooms on each floor. All rooms are carpeted and equipped with heating and air-conditioning units, beds, dressers, desks, chairs, closets, and Venetian blinds. (Check out the layout of a typical single room in Peet Hall.)

Each floor has a TV and study lounge. There is also a basement entrance facing a large brick terrace area. Peet accommodates 143 residents.

  • Erected: 1957
  • Number of Floors: Five, plus a basement
  • Building History: Originally a female residence hall, Peet Hall became co-ed in 1980.
  • Square Footage: 49,070
  • Unique Features: A large outdoor terrace at the basement level
  • Date of Dedication: November 26, 1957
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