Asian Deaf Women’s Association (ADWA)
Ms Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq (contact person)
c/o RAD West Ham Deaf Community Centre
East Road, Stratford
London, E15 3QR
Text: 020 8552 8734
Tel: 020 8552 1397
Fax: 020 8586 7555

Charity providing support for Asian deaf and hearing women and mothers with deaf/hard of hearing children, living in London. Aims to encourage Asian deaf women to be independent. Offers home visit, one-to-one and basic training and weekly groups in the community. This includes: social and communication skills, basic IT skills, skills training, work experience, help looking for work, and mentoring.

Jewish Deaf Association
Susan Cipin (contact person)
Julius Newman House
Woodside Park Road
London N12 8RP
Text: 020 8446 0502
020 8446 0214(Resource & Technology Centre)
Tel: 020 8446 0502
Fax: 020 8445 7451

St Bede’s Centre
412 Clapham Road, Clapham
London. SW9 9DA
Text: 020 7627 1706
Tel: 020 7627 1716
Fax: 020 7622 4969

St John of Beverly Centre
258 Green lanes, Manor House
London N4 2HE
Text: 020 7627 1706
Tel: 020 7627 1716
Fax: 020 7622 4969

St Saviours Centre
1 Armstrong Road, Acton
London W3 7JL
Text: 020 8810 8870
Tel: 020 8743 2209
Fax: 020 8810 8870

West Ham Deaf Community Centre
East Road, off Portway, Stratford
London. E15 3QR
Videophone: 020 8586 6753
Text: 020 8552 8734
Tel: 020 8552 1397
Fax: 020 8586 7555

Deaf Clubs in London, UK

Black Deaf Club
c/o Jack Hobbs Youth Centre
Maddock Way, Brandon Estate
London. SE17 2QA

Brent Deaf Peoples Club
The New Millennium Day Centre
1 Robson Avenue, Willesden
London. NW10 3SG
Text: 0208 450 3836
Tel: 0208 450 6463
Fax: 0208 452 5158

Bromley Deaf Social Club
Labour Party Hall
St Mark’s Road
Bromley, BR2 9HG

Camden Deaf People’s Group
c/o Peckwater Centre
Peckwater Street
London. NW5 2TY
Text: 020 7387 0700
Tel: 020 7530 6478
Fax: 020 7530 6479

Colliers Wood Deaf Club
(Merton) the Guardian Centre, 67 Clarendon Road
Colliers Wood, London SW19

Croydon Deaf Club
Chatsworth House, Unison Social Club
Chatsworth Road, Croydon
Surrey CR0

Deaf Women’s Group
Winkfield Resource Centre
33 Winkworth Road
London. N22 5RR
Text/Tel: 020 8829 9381

D-Zone Youth Club
Crofton School, Manwood Road
London. SE4 1AG
Text: 020 8690 6847
Tel: 0800 515152
Fax: 020 8690 7214

Enfield Highway Deaf (OAP) Club
Enfield Highway Community Centre
117 Hertford Road, Enfield
Middlesex. EN3 5JG

Epsom Deaf Club
Longmead Day Centre
Sefton Road
Epsom KT19 9HG

Hayes Deaf Social Club
The Pavilion, Kingston Playing Fields
Chestnut Avenue, West Drayton
Middlesex. UB7 8BT
Tel: 01895 436833

Multi-Cultural Deaf Club
Winkfield Resource Centre
33 Winkfield Road
London. N17 8EA
Text/Tel: 020 8829 9381

Staines Deaf Day Club
Staines community Centre
Thames St.
Staines, Middlesex.

Tottenham Hard of Hearing Club
Kemble Hall, Kemble Road
London. N17 9UE
Tel: 020 8365 9596
Tower Project Deaf Clubs
45-55 Whitehorse Road, Stepney
London. E1 0ND
Tel: 020 7790 9085
Fax: 020 791 3085

Deaf Schools in London, UK

Frank Barnes Primary School for Deaf Children
Harley Road, London. NW3 3BN
Videophone: 020 7722 7975
Text/Tel: 020 7586 4665
Fax: 020 7722 4415

Hawkswood School
Antlers Hill, Chingford
London. E4 7RT
Text/Tel/Fax: 020 8529 2561

Oak Lodge School for the Deaf
101 Nightingale Lane
London. SW12 8NA
Text/Tel: 020 8673 3453
Fax: 020 8673 9397

School for Sensory and Impairment and Learning Difficulties (SILD)
Whitefield Schools
MacDonald Road
London. E17 4AZ
Tel: 020 8531 3426
Fax: 020 8527 3613

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