Areas of Study

Cross-Disability Organizations in Samoa

Nuanua O Le Alofa Inc

P. O. Box 6235, Apia, Samoa

Description:Promotes equal rights for people with disabilities and deaf people in Samoa.

[info confirmed w/APIDS]

Deaf Schools in Samoa

Loto Taumafai Society

Description:Has an Education Center and Early Intervention Program meant to provide a quality education and services for all people with disabilities. Many of its students are Deaf.

SENESE Inclusive Education Support Services

PO Box 1068

SKYPE: senese99

Description:Provides early intervention, preschool, primary, secondary, and outreach programs for families and children who are deaf. Students are taught via Samoan sign, English, and Samoan. School also provides support for inclusive education with expertise in deafness, intellectual disabilities, and autism.

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Deaf and Disability Organizations and Schools

Deaf Information Resources

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