Deaf Organizations in Nepal

Baglung Association of the Deaf

Mr. Kedar Prasad (K.P.) Adhikari

PO Box no 22 co K.B. Ranamagar

Baglung Municipality, Baglung

Phone: +977 68-5-22117

Fax: +977 68-5-20995

Bhaktapur Association of the Deaf

Mr. Jayaram Pakanewar, President

Bayashi, Bhaktapur -10

SMS: +977 98-41-849023 (Text only)

Bheri Association of the Deaf

Mr. Yuvaraj Keshar Khanal, President

B.P. Chowk, Birendra Nagar, Surkhet

Phone/Fax: +977 83-5-21360

Chitwan Association of the Deaf

Ms. Bishnu Kumari Poudel, President

Bharatpur 10, (in front of district police office), Chitwan

Phone: +977 56-5-26874

SMS/Text: +977 98-45-0-69142

Fax: +977 56-5-31805

Dhading Association of the Deaf

Mr. Ram Prasad Adhikari, President

Dhading Beshi, Nepal Food Corporation office

SMS/Text: +977 98-41-8-83404

Dhankuta Association of the Deaf

Mr. Bhola Thapa, President

C/O Sharwan Lal Rai

Dhankuta Municipality – 4, Chharagaun

Phone: +977 26-5-20938

Fax: +977 26-5-20807

Dhanusha Association of the Deaf

Mr. Pramod Kumar Goita, President

Bisarveda V.D.C.-8, Dhanusha

Gandaki Association of the Deaf (GAD-Pakhara)

Mr. Rajendra Prasad Sharma, President

P.O. Box 517

Simalchour, Firkei


Phone: +977 61-5-23295

Fax: +977 61-5-23295

Description: GAD works to end poverty, illiteracy, and isolation among deaf and hard of hearing people and to empower them through sign language, awareness, and academic education. It offers training in Nepali Sign Language, including in rural areas; runs an income generation program; and runs a secondary school for deaf students.

Gorkha Association of the Deaf

Mr. Ram Kusal Panta, President

Prithvi Naryan Municipality -9

Taksar Kuwadi, Gorkha

Phone: +977 64-4-20076

Fax: +977 64-4-20587

Kathmandu Association of the Deaf

Mr. Deepak Kumar Shakya, President

P.O. Box 4601

Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu

Phone: +977 1-62-26009

Fax: +977 1-44-2325

Kavre Development Association of the Deaf

Mr. Ramesh Lal Shrestha, President

Banepa, Kavre

Phone: +977 11-6-65195; +977 98-41-3-00823 (Reaches Ms. Krishna Pyari Nakami)

Fax: +977 11-6-60360

Koshi Association of the Deaf

Mr. Mohan Kumar Tiwari, President

Munal Path – 3

Biratnagar – Morang

Phone / Fax: +977 21-5-28969

Lalitpur Association of the Deaf

Mr. Sambhu Karki, President

Ms. Kalpana Bajracharya, Secretary

PO Box 11338

Kumaripati, Lalitpur


Phone: +977 1-55-38083

Description: The Lalitpur Association of the Deaf advocates in the areas of social services, community awareness, employment, housing, education, and integration into society. It is especially active in the areas of sign language, education, health, human rights, and empowering deaf women through promoting gender and social equity.

Lumbini Association of the Deaf

Mr. Gopal Gurung, President

P.O. Box 34, Shantinagar-13

Bairahawa – Rupendehi.

Phone: +977 71-5-21327

Fax: +977 71-5-21243

Makawanpur Association of the Deaf

Hetauda-2 Nagarpalika Road


Phone: +977 57-6-21122

Fax: +977 57-5-25814

National Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Mahottari (NADH)

Bhagya Narayan Jha, President

Mahottari – 3

Nawalparasi Association of the Deaf

Ms. Dipawali Sharma, President

Maker -4, Bardaghat

PO Box 11338


Phone: +977 78-5-80285, +977 1-4-26168

Fax: +977 78-5-80278, +977 1-4-34714

Description:NAD works as an advocate in social services, community awareness, employment, housing, and education. NAD seeks cooperation with other countries.

National Federation of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Nepal (NFDH)

Visiting Address: Dhobidhara, Kumari Cinema Hall line

G.P.O. Box 11338 Kathmandu


Phone: +977-1-442-6168

Fax: +977-1-443-6714

Nuwakot Association of the Deaf

Ms. Rasila Tamang, President

Bidur, Nuwakot

Pyutahan Association of the Deaf

C/O Mr. Jagat Bahadur Basnet, President

Bhuwaneshwori Madhayamik Vidhalaya

Khaira V.D.C, Pyuthan

Phone: +977 86-6-90118

Rautahat Association Of The Deaf

Kumar Shekar Jha, President

Basantpur -4


c/o: Shree Kashi Kant Jha

Jayanta Satya Narayn High School

Phone: +977 98-45-0-39671, +977 98-45-0-39670

Fax:+977 55-5-20608

Shrijana Singh

President of Deaf Women Development Committee (DWDC)

P.O. Box 4601

Putalisadak Kathmandu

Phone: +977 1-4-15568

Fax: +977 1-4-16200

Sindhuli Association of the Deaf

Thagendra Raj Bakhrel, President

Kamalamai Municipality, Sindhulimadi (behind District Court Office)

Phone: +977 47-5-20369, +977 47-6-91358 (hostel)

Fax: +977 47-5-20050

Sindhupalchowk Association of the Deaf

9/83 Barhabise Bazzar

Phone: +977 11-6-63032

Siraha Association of the Deaf

Mr. Ganga Ram Yadav, President

Siraha Municipality- 7, Siraha

Phone: +977 33-1-520364, +977 33-1-520988

Fax: +977 33-5-20139

Sunsari Association of the Deaf

Rudra Udash, President

Dharan Municipality, Chataraline,

PO Box 60

Phone: +977 25-5-21853

Fax: +977 25-5-21991 co Sunil Nepal

Syanja Association of the Deaf

Ishwor Shrestha, President

Putalibazaar, Syanja

Phone: +977 63-4-21008

Fax: +97 63-4-20426

Cross-Disability Organizations in Nepal

Nepal Disabled Women Association (NDWA)

Indira Chapagain, president

NPC 8973,00560

Kathmandu, Putalisadak

Phone: +977-1-66-35926

National Association for Disabled Women-Nepal (NADW-Nepal)

Nara Kumari Karki, president

P.O. Box 7268 Koteshwor

Kathmandu Nepal

Phone: +977-14-4-96664

Deaf Schools in Nepal

Bhaktapur CBR


Birat Secondary School

Biratnagar Sub-metropolitan city

Biratnagar, Morang, Eastern Nepal.

Chandikalika Deaf Primary School

Putalibazar Municipality- 1,

Syanja District, Western Nepal

Deaf School in Banepa

Banepa, Kavre

Deaf School in Barhabise

Shindhupalchok Association of the Deaf


Phone: +977-11-63032

Deaf School in Bhairahawa

Siddha Deaf School

Jangal Tole, Siddartha Nagar Bhairahawa

Phone: +977-71-20994

Deaf School in Dharan

Purbanchal Deaf School

Janapath, Dharan-16

Phone: +977-25-5-21846

Deaf School in Kathmandu

School for the Deaf

Balmandir, Naxal Kathmandu- Nepal

Phone: +977-1-4-10179

Deaf School in Rajbiraj

Rajbiraj, Nepal

Phone: +977-31-21017

Deaf School in Siraha

Siraha Association of the Deaf

Siraha -7

Phone/Fax: +977-33-5-20364

Deaf School in Surkhet

Birendra Nagar, Surkhet

Phone: +977 83-20169

Dhawalagiri Deaf School, Baglung

Baglung Municipality -3, Naubese Tole


Phone: +977 68-5-22117

Fax: +977 68-5-20995

Navajyoti Deaf Primary School

Sindhulimadi, Kamalamai Municipality, Sindhuli

Rupak Memorial International School

Kupondole, Lalitpur

Shree Manakama Deaf Primary School

Gorkha Association of the Deaf School

Prithibinarayan Municipality-9 Taksar, Kuwadi,

Gorkha, Nepal

Phone: +977 97-64-20206

Sirijana Residential Deaf Higher Secondary School

Under management of the Gandaki Association of the Deaf

Lekhnath – 3, Kaski, Nepal

P.O.Box 517, Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal

Phone/Fax: +977-61-5-23295, +977-61-5-60466

Mobile: +977-98-56-0-23907 (Headmaster)

Description: Classes are available from nursery school through grade 12 in upper secondary school. Students are taught via sign language. School has hostel and transportation facilities.

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