Deaf Organizations in Latvia

Cross-Disability Organizations in Latvia

Deaf Organizations in Latvia  

Latvijas Nedzirdīgo savienība

Latvian Association of the Deaf

Elvíras lela 19

Rīgā, LV – 1083

Tel/Text:+371 6747 0595

Fax: +371 6747 0444

Description:Encourages public awareness of deaf people and their integration into society.Has 9 regional associations in Latvia. Its website has contact information for its regional associations, as well as links to a few other national and international deaf organizations.


Cross-Disability Organizations in Latvia

VSA arts of Latvia

Society “Saule”

Ventspils str. 29

Riga, LV-1002, Latvia

Voice: 371-761-7609

Fax: 371-762-4866

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