Parents’ Organizations in Ireland

Social Service Agencies in Ireland

Deaf Schools in Ireland

For organizations in Northern Ireland, please consult the page for the United Kingdom.

Deaf Organizations in Ireland

Irish Deaf Society (IDS)

30 Blessington Street

Dublin 7

SMS: +353 86 3807033 +353 86 3807033

Minicom: +353 1 860 1910 +353 1 860 1910

Voice: +353 1 860 1878 +353 1 860 1878

Fax: +353 1 860 1960

Description: IDS is working toward a society in which Deaf people are equal citizens who contribute and participate freely in society.

Irish Hard of Hearing Association IHHA

IHHA, 35 North Frederick Street Dublin1

Phone: +353 0 1 8175700

Fax: +353 0 1 8723816

Description: The IHHA is an association of people who acquired a hearing loss after developing their verbal communication skills. They campaign for greater awareness on hearing loss, greater access to services and integrate with the community.

Parents’ Organizations in Ireland

Irish Deaf Kids

Terenure Enterprise Centre

17 Rathfarnham Road


Dublin 6W

Phone: 01-4903237

Description: Supports inclusive education for deaf children at mainstream schools in Ireland and empowers parents. Maintains a blog and offers an electronic newsletter.

Social Service Agencies in Ireland

St. Joseph’s House for Deaf and Deafblind Adults

Brewery Road



Phone: 2893160

Fax: 2899463

Description: Offers residential care to deaf and deafblind adults in Ireland. Provides resources and support to the deafblind community at wide.

Deaf Schools in Ireland

St. Joseph’s School for Deaf Boys


Dublin 7

Phone: (01) 838 0058

Fax: (01) 838 0230

Description: Offers both a primary program (ages 4 to 14) and a post-primary program. Includes religious education and welcomes students of all denominations and religions.

St. Mary’s School for Deaf Girls

Dominican Convent


Dublin 7

Phone: (353) +1 +8385359


Fax: (353) +1 +8387943

Description: Offers both a primary school and a post-primary school. Encourages English language development through speech, lipreading, signed English, reading, and writing. Consult its list of links for more Irish deaf resources.

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