Deaf Organizations in Bulgaria

Националната асоциация на сляпо-глухите в България

National Association of Deafblind People in Bulgaria

4000, ПЛОВДИВ, пощенска кутия №29

4000 PLOVDIV, mailbox № 29


гр.Пловдив, ул. “Весела” №30, ( района на хипермаркет “Билла – 1”), вход откъм ул. “Лютиче”


Plovdiv, St. Merry “№ 30 (the region of hypermarket Billa – 1) entrance from the street” Buttercup “

тел/факс Tel/Fax: 032/65 36 02

тел phone: 032/ 62 52 87

GSM: 0889/062 110

/653 602

0899/ 05 93 08

Union of the Deaf in Bulgaria

12-14 Denkoglu St.

1000 Sofia

Phone: +359 2 981 98 07 (Voice)

Fax: +359 2 980 1696 (1689)

Description: Supports the social, occupational, medical, and cultural rehabilitation of deaf people. Its website has links to various international deaf organizations.

Средно специално училище с детска градина за деца с увреден слух “Проф. д-р Дечо Денев”

Prof. Dr. Decio Denev Special School for Children with Hearing Impaired from Kindergarten to Secondary School

“Ген. Стефан Тошев” №82

София 1618

82 “General stefan Toschev” street



Tel: +35928556117



Fax: 855-61-17

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