Areas of Study

This legislative council shall consist of nine (9) members elected by and from the UF. The nominees for membership must have primary responsibility at the undergraduate level.

  • No two members of the Council shall be from the same program.
  • This legislative council shall elect a chairperson from its membership who shall also serve as a member of the UF Senate.
  • At the beginning of each academic year, the chair of this Council shall contact the President of the SBG and request that one (1) undergraduate student be appointed to serve on the committee for a period of one (1) year. Student participation is on a non-voting, advisory basis. Due to the nature of specific agenda items, the student representative may be excused from participation at the committee’s discretion.
  • This legislative council shall meet as often as necessary to conduct its business.


  • Gaurav Arora-Science, Technology, and Mathematics
  • James Bruner-Business
  • Sharon Pajka-English
  • Keith Sanfacon-Physical Education & Recreation
  • Barbara Stock-Philosophy
  • Felicia Williams-ASL (CUE Chair)

Other Participants:

  • Lindsay Buchko, Office of Academic Quality
  • Rosanne Bangura, Office of Academic Quality
  • Paige Franklin, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Curriculum, Policy, & Operations
  • Kai Gagnon, Registrar’s Office
  • Kathleen O’Brien, Academic Advising
  • Elice Patterson, Registrar’s Office
  • Miako Villanueva, Director of General Education

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Council on Undergraduate Education

College Hall 201

(202) 250-2071

(202) 651-5085

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