The Council on Undergraduate Education (CUE) is an elected, representative body of the undergraduate faculty at Gallaudet. We review policies, procedures, and curriculum changes that affect undergraduate students and faculty. Below is a list of current CUE members. Feel free to contact any of them if you have questions concerning curriculum or policy changes.

  • Scott Carollo – Art and Media Design
  • Dr. Dae-Kun Kim – English
  • Yauheni Koraneu – Business
  • Dr. Shilpa Hanumantha Lacy – Psychology (co-chair)
  • Terese Rognmo – Social Work
  • Dr. Hayley Stokar – Social Work
  • Dr. Alicia Wooten – Biology (co-chair) 

Proposal Deadlines

  • Fall 2023 semester: October 2 for Fall 2024 implementation.
  • Spring 2024 semester: February 1 for Spring 2025 implementation.

Proposal Preparation and Submission

  • All curriculum actions must be proposed via Watermark Curriculum Strategy. You will need to fill out the correct form according to the curriculum action being requested.
  • Please visit this running document for more information on preparing for proposal submission.


Contact Us

Council on Undergraduate Education

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