This legislative council shall consist of a minimum of six (6)members elected by and from the UF. The nominees for membership must have primary responsibility at the undergraduate level. The council also includes non-voting members from the Registrar’s Office, Dean’s Office, Academic and Career Success, Institutional Research & Effectiveness and the Student Body Government. Due to the nature of specific agenda items, non-voting members may be excused from participation at the committee’s discretion.

There shall be a minimum of six members and a maximum of nine voting members on the Council. No two members of the Council shall be from the same program and there shall be at least one member of the Council from each of the five schools. NTT, PTT, TT, and tenured faculty are voting members. Voting members are elected in the spring. If any school is not represented on the Council after elections, the school director will assign a faculty to the Council.


  • Scott Carollo – Art and Media Design
  • Dr. Dae-Kun Kim – English
  • Yauheni Koraneu – Business
  • Dr. Shilpa Hanumantha Lacy – Psychology (co-chair)
  • Terese Rognmo – Social Work
  • Dr. Hayley Stokar – Social Work
  • Dr. Alicia Wooten – Biology (co-chair) 

Other Participants:

  • Dr. Lindsay Buchko, Director of Institutional Research
  • Rosanne Bangura, Senior Assessment Analyst & State Authorization Coordinator
  • Dr. Roberta Lynn Daniels, Assistant Director of General Education
  • Jerri Lyn Dorminy, Director, Student Success
  • Kai Gagnon, Curriculum Coordinator, Registrar’s Office
  • Dr. Caroline Kobek Pezzarossi, Director, Institutional Effectiveness & Certification
  • Cheryl Murgel, Academic Advising
  • Elice Patterson, Registrar, Registrar’s Office
  • Allie Rice, Director, Center for Continuing Education
  • Julie Tibbitt, Director, Office for Career Success
  • Dr. Miako Villanueva, Director of General Education

Contact Us

Council on Undergraduate Education

College Hall 201

(202) 250-2071

(202) 651-5085

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