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This course is the culmination of the experiential training component of the school counseling programs and represents the most advanced level of fieldwork. Counselor trainees engage in full-time, 5 days per week internships in educational settings that primarily serve deaf and hard of hearing students (K-12). The intent of this internship is for trainees to experience as wide a range of supervised school counseling services as possible, including: individual and group counseling; school guidance and prevention oriented activities; career and transitional counseling; parent/family education, referral and advocacy; individual education and transition goal planning and related interventions; and activities of leadership development, advocacy, collaboration, coordination, teaming and systemic change that fully support the academic, career, and personal-social needs of students. The focus of this final fieldwork experience is the trainee’s further expansion, refinement, and strengthening of professional counseling competencies in working effectively with diverse deaf/hard of hearing students and their families and communities. Students are expected to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their educational setting, including its organizational structure, management and administration and specifically the administration and operation of its counseling services. Another focus of this internship is to continue to develop through reflective use of supervision.

COU 741 or 743

Program: Counseling

Credit: 12

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