The Gallaudet Counseling Program prepares graduates to be multiculturally competent professional counselors, able to work skillfully with deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, and hearing clients of diverse backgrounds in a variety of mental health and rehabilitation settings, and schools.

Counseling Program Learning Outcomes

Students in Gallaudet’s Counseling Program will become professionals who:

  1. demonstrate knowledge and skills related to counseling needs of culturally and linguistically diverse clients (CACREP 4.F.2, 5.C.1.b)
  2. employ developmentally and culturally appropriate prevention and intervention techniques within an accepted theoretical framework (CACREP F.2, F.3, F.5)
  3. effectively counsel individuals, small groups, couples, and families from diverse populations (CACREP 4.F.2, F.4, F.5, F.6)
  4. comprehend legal and ethical standards pertaining to mental health counselors and consistently integrate an ethical decision-making model into their professional work. (CACREP II.F.1, 5.C.2.l)

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to articulate the elements related to professional identity including the history and philosophy of the counseling profession, the value of professional organizations, the need for legal and ethical practice, and advocating for the profession and clients that are served. (CACREP 2.F.1)
  2. Students will demonstrate multicultural awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary for competency in working with a diverse population. (CACREP 2.F.2)
  3. Students can demonstrate an understanding of development across the lifespan and the impact on normal and abnormal functioning. (CACREP 2.F.3)
  4. Students can utilize career development theory in the development of individualized and developmentally appropriate career development activities and interventions. (CACREP 2.F.4)
  5. Students can demonstrate the skills necessary to engage in an effective and therapeutic helping relationship. (CACREP 2.F.5)
  6. Students demonstrate competency in preparing for and facilitation of group counseling. (CACREP 2.F.6)
  7. Students demonstrate the ability to identify effective assessment strategies to facilitate treatment planning. (CACREP 2.F.7)
  8. Students will demonstrate an understanding of research methods to inform evidence-based practice. (CACREP 2.F.8)
  9. Clinical Mental Health students will develop effective treatment plans utilizing the diagnostic process, assessment data and evidence-based practices (CACREP 4.F.7. F.8, 5.2.d, 3.a)
  10. School Counseling students will develop a comprehensive school counseling program based on data and utilizing a program model for their state of residence (CACREP 5.G.1.b, 3.a.,b.,n)
  11. Students will show sensitivity, genuineness, and positive regard for others, practice high levels of self-awareness, and demonstrate a commitment to personal growth and on-going professional development. (CACREP 4.G)

Current Program Assessment

Vital Statistics

Admission to these programs is suspended to allow these programs to be redeveloped. We anticipate a launch in 2022. You may fill out our inquiry form to be notified when this program is launched.

Clinical Mental Health Vital Statistics Class of 2021
Number of Students Admitted 3
Number of Students Graduated 2
Completion Rate 66%
Licensure/Certification Pass Rate 50%
Job Placement Rate 77%
School Counseling Vital Statistics Class of 2021
Number of Students Admitted 1
Number of Students Graduated 1
Completion Rate 100%
Licensure/Certification Pass Rate 100%
Job Placement Rate 100%

Full program evaluation reports for each program are available by contacting the appropriate Program Director.

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