Currently Teaching

PSY-319 The Psychology of Exceptional Children Credits: 3
PSY-495 Special Topics Credits: 1-5
COU-717 Lifespan Development Credits: 3
COU-730 Social and Cultural Diversity Foundations & Multicultural Counseling Credits: 3
COU-768 Techniques and Skills in Psychotherapy Credits: 3
COU-795 Special Topics Credits: 1-3
  • PSY-319 The Psycho of Except Children (2023/01)(OL1)
  • COU-730 Soc&Cltrl Div Fdtns & MC Cnslg (2023/01)(OL1)
  • COU-795 Special Topics (2023/01)(OL1)
  • COU-730 Soc&Cltrl Div Fdtns & MC Cnslg (2023/01)(OL2)
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    Jessica Guess

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