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Deaf Organizations in Ukraine Evpatorian Society for the Deaf Petr Bulavin Ukrainian Society of the Deaf (USD) 74 Velyka Vasylkivska Street Kiev – 150 03150 Phone: +380 44 246 7633 +380 44 246 7177 (044) 246 71 77 (Reaches Yuri Maksimenko, President) (044) 246 67 81 (Reaches Kotelyanets Sergey, Vice President) Fax: +380 44 246 7177 044 289 74 97 Phone/Fax: (044) 246 76 33 (044) 287 1561 (Reaches Chepchyna Irina Ivanovna, First Deputy Chairman) (044) 246 67 89 (Reaches Tsimbalyuk Valdimir, Vice President) (Reaches Yuri Maksimenko, President) (Reaches Tsimbalyuk Valdimir, Vice President) Description: Represents the interests of deaf people in all government structures in Ukraine. Deaf Religious Organizations in Ukraine Simferopol Baptist Church (Deaf Ministry) 5 Bakhchisaraiskaya St. Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine Voice: 38-0652-259-807 Ukrainian Fellowship of the Deaf Victoria Mariniez Deaf Sports Organizations in Ukraine Ukraine Deaf Sports Federation Office 912 42 Esplanadna str. Kiev 01601 Ukraine Fax: +380 44 289 35 36 Research Organizations in Ukraine Laboratory of Communication Problems (LAPROCOM) Postal mailing address: Apt. 31, Bld.6A, Kikvidze Str., Kiev, Ukraine Postal code 01103 Legal address: Apt. 46, Bld.8, Komsomolsky Prospect, Dnieprodzerdzinsk, Ukraine Postal code 51935 Phone: 0038 (097) 5480884 (reaches Sukhachov Boris, Russian and Ukrainian) Phone: 0038 (050) 4621620 (reaches Sukhachova Svitlana, English and Chinese) Fax: 0038 (0569) 533636 Description: This research organization analyzes sign language dictionaries from various countries to create a universal dictionary of concepts and gesture editor. Also develops hardware/software for both speech and sign language training and develops hearing aid devices. Interested in cooperating with researchers in similar fields. Submit More Information for this Country! Please help us improve this website! For more instruction on what kind of information we want, and how to communicate with us, please consult the “Submit More World Deaf Information Resources!” page. Still looking for more organizations? Try the page with Links to More Lists of Organizations. Disclaimer International Relations cares about the quality of our work, including the quality of the information we provide. We are trying our best to share information that is complete, accurate, and helpful to deaf individuals and deaf organizations around the world. However, please understand that we cannot endorse any organization or school. We also cannot fully guarantee the accuracy of the information in this website. Please read our full Disclaimer for more detail. Deaf and Disability Organizations and Schools Front page for World Deaf Information Resource Center

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