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Deaf Schools in Cameroon Deaf Organizations in Cameroon Association Nationale Des Sourds du Cameroon BP 1069 Bafoussam Phone: +237 33 44 64 37 SMS (Mobile): +237 780 77 28 Fax: +237 33 01 47 43 Cameroon Deaf Empowerment Organization (CDEO) P .O. Box 12284 Yaounde, Cameroon Central Africa. Phone: (237)77 57 52 26, (237)77 43 45 67 Description: CDEO seeks to promote the human rights of deaf people and their families; to work toward the establishment of educational opportunities for deaf Cameroonians, from nursery to higher education; to facilitate health education for the deaf; and to develop and promote Cameroon Sign Language. Ligue National des Sports pour Sourds au Cameroon (National League of Sports for the Deaf in Cameroon) B. P. 5453 Deaf Schools in Cameroon Association Des Jeunes Sourds Multiservices S/C B.P. 40 Eseka. Cameroun Centre d’Education Spécialisée et de Réhabilitation des Sourds et Malentendants (CERSOM) B.P. 1069 Bafoussam Cameroun Phone: SMS: Description: Offers a kindergarten, primary, and secondary school program for deaf students. Students speak and sign French simultaneously. Ephphatha Institute for the Deaf (EID) P. O. Box 475, >Kumba Meme Dision, South West Region Phone: (237) 99202786 (voice and text SMS) Description: EID is owned and run by the Cameroon Deaf Empowerment Organization (CDEO). Foyer Pere Monti (Deaf School) B. P. 105 Sangmelima Region du Sud. Cameroun. Description: This Deaf School was named after its Founder, Rev. Fr. Monti. Centre de Reeducation des enfants Sourds (CRES) – Deaf School. Douala. Region du Littoral Ecole Specialisee pour deficients auditif (ESEDA).- Deaf school. B. P. 370 Yaounde Region du Centre Cameroun Phone: ( 237) 22224712 CRESAS (Deaf School) Garoua. Region du Nord. Cameroon. Institut Evagelique Des Jeunes Sourds Et Aveugles B.P. Obala. Cameroun Institut Missionnaire Et Social Des Jeunes Handicapes B.P. 40 Eseka. Cameroun INEDAV CAMEROON Institute National Evangelique des Enfants deficients Auditifs et Visuels The Life House Deaf School and Orphanage Arrondissement d’Obala Department Lekie Region Centre Phone: +237 785 3286 Description: Currently serves about 30 deaf students from ages 3 to 23 and hopes to expand. Instruction is via sign language. Institut Specialise Pour Deficients Auditifs (Isda) BP 471 Garoua (Cameroun) Phone: (237) 77 82 50 68, (237) 96 89 28 81 Description: ISDA is a private school in northern Cameroon that specializes in educating deaf people and people with speech impairments. Submit More Information for this Country! Please help us improve this website! For more instruction on what kind of information we want, and how to communicate with us, please consult the “Submit More World Deaf Information Resources!” page. Still looking for more organizations? Try the page with Links to More Lists of Organizations. Disclaimer International Relations cares about the quality of our work, including the quality of the information we provide. We are trying our best to share information that is complete, accurate, and helpful to deaf individuals and deaf organizations around the world. However, please understand that we cannot endorse any organization or school. We also cannot fully guarantee the accuracy of the information in this website. Please read our full Disclaimer for more detail. Deaf and Disability Organizations and Schools Front page for World Deaf Information Resource Center

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